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The thinking much of the story

"Image club" which has been popular in recent years is a kind of the entertainment and amusement shops ,separating from the SM club and emphasizing "costume play" based on soft SM. Though "costume play" varies depending on each person, the way related to "story play" is the most popular. "Story play" is that they enjoy playing and pretend to be the role following the scenario which the visitor or the shop prepared. Of course, there is some story plays in the conventional SM club too or SM play itself is the story play. However, I suppose the image club put stress on the concept of the story rather than the SM club.
@To survey various works in Harmony Concepts, all of them have some stories regardless of the simplicity and the complication. Especially, VTR works appearing more than one woman have stories related to revenge, mystery, SF, and horror.
It is thought to be the binding-pictures of the cover or illustrations in the pulp magazines in the modern United States that have influenced these works. These pictures belong to almost all entertainment category such as mystery,SF, horror and heroic fantasy. And you can't miss detective novels in Japan though they are older than Harmony's works.Especially, "Edogawa-ranpo series " of Popura company gave enough influence to the pure readers, which weren't many binding-pictures. To tell the truth, I,the manager of this site, is one of the readers.
What kind of story and how should we tell? We can think of various ways to tell one or several binding-photographs. The easiest way is writing a story by the sentences looking the photographs like the way to do in the magazines of Harmony Concepts and other related books and sites. However I won't use this way too much in this site. I have the opinion that a photograph is a poem and I think it's affectionate way for the photographs to imagine their own stories when people look at the pictures with a theme,rather than to see the photographs with long sentences like some excuse.