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The bondage appreciation is a purpose.

Recently the concept of bondage in Japan has various of view and we can't use it in the only way. At the beginning we would often use "bondage" as a kind of fashion's term, which meant "exposed clothings" made of leathers and rubber.
It seems that it spread as the concept of the fashion as well as "body-conscious" when disco clubs like Juliana Tokyo came into vogue. Because the bondage as the fashion terminology had the element which overlaped with the costume of the mistress in the SM club, we had called mistress fashion "bondage" too and some SM clubs had called "SM play" "bondage play".
However, before that, among some people interested in bondage, the concept made quite a difference. Bondage was the name which was given to a kind of art to have pursued "woman bondage beauty" ,which was popular secretly in the modern United States and the experts such as John Willy and Irving Crow could be recalled. After that while undergoing their influence, Harmony Concepts in the U.S. made a original style and produced a series of work groups. We follow them and use the concept of bondage at this site.
In Japan the system of SM has developed in a original way and has civilized in these days from the effect of the SM boom and so the concept of SM has got a citizen right. Therefore, what is the relation between SM and bondage? Both have same element related to binding women and with this point of view they are placed in same category. However why do people familiar with both have quite different impression to both? The difference between bondage and SM is thought to be in the expectation after binding or on the effect of binding. After binding the main purpose of the acts in SM is related to sadisum. On the other hand, the main purpose in bondage is restriction itself and sadisum is just additional. In other words,after binding, SM has an aim to do something but bondage has an aim to observe something. The purpose of SM is dynamic but that of bondage is static.
Today, each site which is included to the field of BDSM(Bondage & Discipline & Sadism & Masochism) has certain tendency by the manager's personality. It is one point of view that divides BDSM into the bondage and SM but I don't think it it's good way as long as the point of view to bondage itself depends on the managers.
Therefore in this site,I attempt to categorize BDSM sites by following way for convenience. At first, I divided BDSM into " sites for the SM play " and " sites for the SM appreciation ". This site will belong to the latter. Moreover, considering the object of the appreciation, I divided the latter into " sites for the appreciation of doing SM play" and "sites for the appreciation of restriction in SM" .This site will belong to the latter. Therefore, if you expect the pictures of hard SM plays in this site, you'll be disappointed. And if you expect to find play mate, this site doesn't help you. In these, if you have these purposes, you should look for other sites.